Anagenesis is a Center of Esthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Laser applications. Dr Zisis Boukouvalas is the Scientific Director of the Medical team and CEO of Anagenesis.
In Anagenesis we offer the most advanced face and body medical and rejuvenating treatments in the fields of esthetic and reconstructive Plastic Surgery. Skin conditions are also addressed and treated succesfully.

Anagenesis's vision is to improve the standard and quality of life for a lot of people in our society.

This is achieved through the dedicated incorporation of proven cutting-edge technology devices and the application of advanced medical techniques in the fields of Esthetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Lasers.

Our goal is to enhance the feeling of self esteem and self confidence for as many people as possible at affordable prices through a technologically excellent, friendly and safe environment. All the treatments are administered by highly trained medical and paramedical staff of consisting of responsible professionals, sensitive to the needs of the patient who take pride in their work.

We provide Health & Beauty care and medical services of the highest quality. Our patients' comfort and satisfaction is our top priority. Greece (Hellas), the birthplace of Hippocrates, is one of the world's health "hot spots".

Medical services offered at exceptionally competitive prices and the worldwide credibility Greece has achieved make it one of the most acclaimed medical destinations. Greece always was and recently is rapidly becoming a favorite destination point for Europeans, Middle Easterners and even North Americans seeking not only leisure and sunny vacations but also high quality plastic surgery.

With our vast expertise, our utilization of latest technology materials and luxurious accommodation in the finest hospitals, you may rest assured that you will receive the best treatment possible since health providers are experienced in all medical procedures whose aim is to beautify, rejuvenate, restore and reconstruct the face and body.

In Anagenesis we have the most advanced medical devices and techniques at our disposal both in the field of plastic surgery and in the field of medical esthetics and laser. Our goal is to take advantage of the benefits guaranteed by our technology in order to ensure the best possible outcome for people who undergo our treatments.

All our services ensure high efficacy and excellent safety - whether they relate to plastic surgery or cosmetic medicine - and are realized by highly trained medical and paramedical staff in our two "Anagenesis" centers in Athens and Thessaloniki.

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